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how we got here

Our history

At the end of the 90s, the German surfer Benjamin Kromayer landed on Brazilian soil seeking for developing his Bossa Nova music skills and bumped into the hidden and paradisiacal city of Itacaré, in Bahia.

That's when our story began: in 1998, the seed of what would become EasyDrop Surf Camp was born. Since 2017, the school has been led by Thiago Setúbal, who has been the operations manager since 2001, and Nígia Vieira, who joined the ED team in 2006 as a photographer and is now, a partner and manager.

Our current headquarters was built in 2002 and house our office, theoretical classroom, massage SPA, DropInn, and EasyInn (our private apartments available for accommodation).

With more than 20 years operating, EasyDrop has become internationally recognized for the quality of its surf teaching program and its own methodology. Since then, we have taught more than 4,000 students from all over the world and the most varied levels of surfing.

We have a team of bilingual and qualified professionals ready to help you, whether at the beach or at the office, with all the professionalism and that cool vibe that only EasyDrop has!

Meet our Office

Sala de aulas de vídeo de EasyDrop Surf Camp
Sala de aulas de vídeo de EasyDrop Surf Camp
Prédio da EasyDrop Surf Camp em Itacaré, Bahia