Frequently asked questions

Surfing in Itacaré

I’m a beginner. What season do you recommend I come?

Any season that’s good for you!

In fact, when we decided to create EasyDrop in Itacaré, the most important factor for us was the consistency of the swell throughout the year in conjunction with moderate sized waves.

Naturally, there are differences in the size of waves throughout the year, but if you’re in good physical condition, even if you’re a novice, you’ll be able to drop in and surf waves in the winter, that tend to be the biggest. There’s only one exception: rare deep swells that reach 3 or 4 meters. But hose kind of swells can happen any time of the year.

What’s the best season to surf in Itacaré?

For beginners, the best season is probably November to April, since this period has smaller waves (2 to 4 feet) than in the winter. On the other hand, during summer holidays, from Christmas to March, many Brazilian tourists (especially surfers…) come to Itacaré, so the breaks tend to get more crowded and lodging is pricier than in the low season.

From April to September the waves get bigger, between 3 and 8 feet (up to 2.5 meters between July and August.

Our favorite surf seasons are March/April and October/November, as there’s generally great surf conditions, perfect water and air temperatures, and crowdless surf breaks.

What’s the average age of EasyDrop Students?

Most EasyDrop students are between 28 and 40 years old, but we have successfully taught students of all ages ranging from 6 to more than 60… Our students come from all over the world, and there’s a good balance between men and women.

On which beaches do the classes take place?

The main beach where we old EasyDrop lessons is Engenhoca, since for the majority of the year it has great surf conditions. However, depending on the conditions, lessons can also happen on the beaches below:

  • Prainha
  • Jeribucaçu
  • Pontal
  • Boca da Barr
  • Itacarezinho

The surf breaks are selected daily by our operational team, taking into account swell conditions, tides, and forecasted weather for the following day.

Can I just rent a board from EasyDrop?

No. To guarantee the quality of our equipment for our students, we prefer that they be used under the supervision of our instructors.

Are there any prerequisites to take surf lessons?

We welcome students of both sexes, starting at age 6 and that meet the following criteria:

  1. Good swimming ability (ability to do at least 200m of crawl stroke and 500m of breast stroke)
  2. Clear of any medical issues involving the ears, eyes, back, knees, breathing, or heart problems.

Beyond that, we recommend any student to prepare themselves for the surf lesson through aerobic exercise and swimming.

Are students separated by skill level?

To practice specific surf skills, the group is subdivided according to surf ability. Common topics of interest are shared among all participants. Surf lessons are conducted in groups of up to 12 students, with at least 1 instructor per 3 students.

Surf lessons are conducted in groups, and students are sub-grouped by similar skill level, with at least 1 instructor guaranteed for every 3 students. Subjects of common interest are shared among all participants. 

The video analysis will also be done all together. This way, we encourage peer to peer learning between students of different surf levels, and also interaction and good vibes, which is the trademark of EasyDrop.

This setup allows us to attend to all the needs of all levels of surf ability, from beginners to advanced surfers.

Can I extend my package once I’m in Itacaré?

Of course, as long as there’s availability.

Can I use my own board for the course?

Yes, you can. Here’s what will happen: On the first day, you will surf with your own board and the instructors will evaluate if it’s the ideal board for you to get the most out of the lessons taking into account the surf conditions and your performance with it. After the video analysis, which take places right after surfing, the instructores will decide if you should keep using your board or if it’d be better for you to use a different board. 

Airlines generally charge fees to transport surfboards, and they won’t guarantee the board won’t get damaged. It’s a good idea to wrap your equipment by covering the rails, nose, and tail in clothes.

Keep in mind, we have a big quiver of boards and are always updating it with boards from 6’0 to 9’4.

Does Itacaré have world class waves?

In reality, no! The waves from the west of the South Atlantic rarely get swells comparable tin size and formation to the waves on the Pacific, Indian or on the coast of South Africa, that go for thousands and thousands of miles before they reach land (a mark of quality for waves). As relatively short distance waves, Itacaré’s waves (and Brazil’s waves in general) don’t bend well to point breaks, rarely providing rides longer than 50 to 150m (exception: bigger swells in the winter, for example at “Boca da Barra” in Itacaré, a right that opens in the middle of the ocean until the middle of the length of Praia do Pontal, close to 500m…).

However, the underwater continental shelves in front of Itacaré has a funnel shape, turning the region into veritable wave magnet, so that Itacaré gets short to medium period waves extremely consistently, with medium sizes (varying from 1 to 3 feet in the summer to 3 t0 7 feet in the winter), and therefore making it possible to surf almost 365 days a year. Due to the short and medium periods of the swell, you never wait for than a minute before the next set arrives, so there’s always enough waves for everyone.

Last, but not least, we believe that the set up of the surf in Itacaré, with warm water year round, many protected beaches with channels that make it easy to paddle out, consistent small/medium well-defined waves breaking over compact sand banks, is the perfect environment to run a surf school.

I’d like to work as an instructor. Are you guys hiring?

Normally we only hire locally. We don’t hire foreigners without Brazilian work permits.

If you’d like to send us your resume, we will keep it on file and, if there’s an opening, we will get in touch.

In general, our minimum requirements are: fluent English and Portuguese, know how to surf well, and have some other well-developed professional skills.

What’s the weather like in April (the so called rainy season)?

In Itacaré, there’s no well-defined rainy season!

It’s in a dense part of the Atlantic Forest, which means: yes, it rains, and it rains more than many places in the Northeast. However, it can rain any time of year.

If you look at the average rainfall for the region, you’ll notice that the distribution of rain throughout the year is much more regular than Rio de Janeiro, for example.

There’s a higher chance of rain between April and September, but don’t expect reliable weather, because the weather here is kind of crazy, for example we can get heavy rains at sunrise, strong sun after an hour, rain at noon, and a totally cloudless sky at sunset…

The temperature starts to subside starting April/May and onwards, which is great because the summer heat is really intense! 

In other words, if there’s some rain in April, the trade off is you’ll get much more agreeable temps than in the summer, as well as generally better surf conditions.

I’m bringing my kids, can they take lessons?

Of course, why not!

We highly encourage surfing as a family, which for us is one of the best ways to enjoy the sport.

The minimum requirements for kids to take their first steps with EasyDrop: have motor control, be able to swim short distances (30m minimum) and hold their breath to dive under small waves.

Do you offer any specials for people who stay for longer periods of time?

After a full 2 week program, you can choose to surf with us for as many days as you want provided we have availability.

Does the lesson include any meal or snack?

The packages only include breakfast for those who are staying at the inn at the Praia da Concha. For those in the hostel at Praia da Coroinha, one option is to have breakfast at Padaria Itacaré, which is a few minutes walk from the hostel and from EasyDrop, and it opens at 5am.

At the beach, we do one surf lesson per day of approximately 4 hours. In general, we break it into two sessions with a 20 minute break between them. Each client should bring their own snack and water or buy them at the beach. Most of them have roaming vendors selling coconuts, sodas, cookies, tapioca, etc.

Do I have to take my lessons back to back?

Unless explicitly negotiated with EasyDrop ahead of time, or some major reason, students should take lessons every day uninterrupted (except on Sundays, which are days off at EasyDrop). Exceptions can be made for long-duration clients (more than 12 days).

When a student can’t surf the next day for some major reason, and they let us know before 6pm the day prior to class, we can reschedule that lesson. Otherwise, that lesson will be forfeited.

I’m very shortsighted. Can I still take lessons?

Generally, that’s not a problem. You can surf with nearsightedness of -3 without any issues. Anything more than that, we recommend using contact lenses (bring at least one pair of backups because they can fall out).

Traveling to/from Itacaré

What other places in Brazil do you recommend?

A good suggestion is the city of Salvador, since it’s one of the oldest cities in Brazil and has strong cultural appeal, especial for African culture. A few days will be enough to give you a taste of our rich, multicultural tradition.

Recife is another cultural option with a log of regional music as well as beaches and some surfing.

If you’re looking for a more scenic with more intense surfing, Fernando de Noronha is what you’re searching for. Since it’s an island, you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset at the beach, all in the same day. Good options for advanced surfers, but only during the Brazilian summer. Due to the controlled number of tourists, make your reservations in advance and be ready to pay for this little piece of paradise.

We don’t leave out the Amazon, another good option to see another national treasure. For more natural tours, there are also good choices in Pantanal, including Bonito, an ecological paradise as its name suggests.

In terms of hiking, there’s a whole other side of Brazil. Lençóis, in the Chapada (Plateau) de Diamantina is located in inland Bahia and has lots of waterfalls, canyons, and caves to see and visit, including some prehistoric paintings. On top of that, the biggest waterfall in Brazil is located there – the Cachoeira de Fumaça.

Speaking of waterfalls, Foz do Iguaçu has one the biggest concentrations of waterfalls in the world.

The south of Brazil also offers good trip options. Florianópolis also has some good surf breaks, but be ready to wear a wetsuit.

São Paulo is one of the biggest metropolises in the world, offering many cultural options, including restaurants, theaters, and museums.

We can’t leave out the “Marvelous City” of Rio de Janeiro, which besides being a great metropolis with various cultural facets, also has some great surf breaks. But again, get your wetsuit ready!

Close to Rio, you can also visit the historic city of Parati, or the idyllic islands of Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis. Or even the gorgeous Búzios.

Like we said, there are lots of choices, so we hope you have time to enjoy them as much as possible! 😉

How do I get from Salvador to Itacaré by bus?

Get a ferry boat (Internacional Travessia Salvador) from downtown Salvador, crossing Bahia de Todos os Santos to Bom Despacho on the island of Itaparica (close to 30 minutes by ferry – ferries leave around once an hour).

From Bom Despacho get a bus from the Águia Branca company. The trip to Bom Despacho to Itacaré is about 5 hours.

Who should I call if my flight is late?

Please understand that our drivers leave Itacaré at least 2 hours in advance of your arrival, and once they’re on the road, there’s no way to call them back because there’s no phone service. It’s a 1.5 hour trip, and, by contract, you will have to pay the “no show” or “late” fee as specified in your contract.

Therefore, please get in touch with us by phone as soon as possible once you think you’re not going to arrive on the flight or at the time expected.

  1. Márcia (customer service) (+55) 73 – 99927 8529
  2. Ana Laura (customer service) (+55) 73 – 99967 8813
  3. Our office: (+55) 73 – 3251 3065 (de Segunda à Sexta das 8h às 12h e das 14h às 18h)
  4. Thiciana (customer service) (+55) 73 – 99968 1367
  5. Thiago (surf instructor): (+55) 73 – 99977 8449

Final note: please note that our contract is signed ahead of time and contains the following paragraph in case of no-show or late flights.

“A fee of R$130 will be charged for the transfer service in case of:

  1. A more than 2 hour delay in flight arrival
  2. The client is not on the expect flight (flight arrival should be communicated with at least 24 hours notice)”

Therefore, by letting us know personally and early enough about a delay or cancellation, you’re more likely to avoid the above fee. Thanks!

For night flights, there’s an extra R$20 fee.


What beach is EasyDrop located on?

EasyDrop is not located on a specific beach, but in the center of Itacaré.

Students and instructors meet at the EasyDrop headquarters daily, taking a car to beaches within about a 20km radius of Itacaré

Daily transportation to beaches is included in the cost of the course.

I’m vegetarian. What are my options like in Itacaré?

Right now there are some exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Itacaré:

Alamain on Pituba (the main street), Naturalmente and Julians on Passarela da Vila.

Even the more traditional restaurants have vegetarian or vegan dishes. It’s worth it to ask!

Há caixas eletrônicos (ATM) em Itacaré?

Banks available in the city are: Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal e Bradesco. There are some ATMs including the network of Banco 24hs in the city, but many times, especially in the summer, they can be out of cash. For that reason, if you are Brazilian and your bank doesn’t have a branch in Itacaré, it’s best to be safe and bring a certain amount of bills for possible spending in cash.

In many places, cash is the only payment option, and often only accept Brazilian reais. There is a currency exchange counter in Itacaré that exchanges US dollars and euros (they do not exchange travellers checks). The majority of restaurants and supermarkets accept credit cards (especially Mastercard and Visa). Besides that, bringing a Mastercard or Visa card (with a pin) is practical, because you can withdraw between R$500 to R$1000 per day at the ATM (consult your bank for withdrawal limits).

What kind of internet connection is there in Itacaré?

There are some internet cafes in Itacaré, all of which use the same internet provider via satellite, which has a reasonable download speed outside of peak hours (when the surf is good and the weather is hot). However, the upload speed is always slow…

We have WiFi at EasyDrop for our customers to use free of charge, just ask the office team for the password and use it as necessary during business hours (Mon-Fri from 8am-12pm and 2-6pm). 

Besides that, there’s a new coworking space where you can pay per hour and enjoy the space that has reliably good internet connection. Check with our staff.

What else can I do while in Itacaré?

Besides options like yoga, massage, etc. we can organize other activities and tours for your free time in Itacaré like:

  • Boat tour to a waterfall: On this tour, the group is taken by boat down the Rio de Contas to the trail that leads to the waterfall. Along the way, you’ll learn about the local vegetation and will make a stop a cacao farm. The group can choose to have lunch at Restaurante Capim Santo that sits on the banks of the river (optional/for a fee).Finally the group will return and enjoy Itacaré’s beautiful sunset.
  • Rafting: On this adventure, the group will be taken from the inn to the small city of Taboquinhas until you reach the right place to start your descent. Equipment and insurance are included. A CD of photos of your trip can be purchased, if you’d like. The beauty of the landscape alone makes it worthwhile.
  • Samba or Capoeira lessons: These options are booked in 2 session packages, each session lasting 1 hour and can be scheduled according to your plans.

Check with us if you’re interested in visiting the Cacau Farm, whale watching, horseback rides, hiking tours in the Atlantic Forest, or a Bahian cooking class followed by dinner.

For more information or help organizing any of these activities, please contact our internal team.

What’s the nightlife like in Itacaré?

Itacaré has an energetic nightlife, with bars and clubs for different tastes. Itacaré is a small city, after all, so when we refer to clubs, many times they can be beach cabanas, or even houses that were modified to accommodate a dance floor and a bar.

In the summer months (December to March), it’s naturally busier. Some places have live music that play mostly Forró, Reggae, national Rock, samba/pagode and MPB (popular Brazilian music). These places are concentrated on Pituba Street and Passarela da Vila. But you’ll also find some spots on the Orla (shoreline) and in Bairro da Concha. Ask for suggestions from our staff.

Note: We recommend that our students rest the night before a lesson. Sleeping poorly and drinking alcohol can significantly impair your performance. Plan on partying and getting to know Itacaré’s nightlife on Saturdays, since there’s no surf lessons on Sunday.


What about mosquitos in Itacaré and the diseases they carry?

Since Itacaré is located in the middle of an area of the Atlantic Forest that’s pretty humid and well preserved, there will always be mosquitos at night. Some mosquitoes can transmit dengue, and while dengue can sometime appear from time to time around here, Itacaré isn’t considered a hot spot for this disease in the region. Effective mosquito repellents are available in pharmacies through the city.

Can I share a double room with another client?

We offer double rooms only for people who reserve it together, in other words, those who already know each other.

If you’re coming by yourself, you should stay in a single room. If you’d like to share a room, find a friend to come with you and enjoy the unique experience of surfing with good friends!

If you’re coming by yourself and you’d like to share a room, we offer shared rooms with our hostel partner.

Are the accomodations on the beach?

The Pousada (inn) is right in front of Praia da Concha. It’s a 5 minute walk from the inn to the center of Itacaré.

The hostel and Boutique Hotel are on the shoreline of Itacaré (Praia Coroinha) where you take the boat to Pontal. It’s also about 5 minutes on foot from the city center.


How far will my accomodations be from the center of Itacaré?

The Pousada (inn), our standard accommodation option, is 5 minutes by foot from the historical center of Itacaré, where you’ll find EasyDrop’s headquarters and the amenities of the city (restaurants, bars, banks, pharmacies, etc).

The hostel and Boutique Hotel are even closer to everything.


Are there accommodations that are more affordable than the inn?

As a less expensive lodging option, we work with a charming hostel located in front of Itacaré’s shoreline.

There’s a great variety of places to stay in Itacare, from extravagant resorts, cozy inns, hostels, and even houses/rooms to rent. Just ask us!


Is there a specific day to start the surf lessons?

You can start surfing any day of the week, except Sundays which are days off at EasyDrop. We don’t include arrival or departure dates to/from Itacaré as surf dates to avoid conflicts between surf sessions and flight and transfer service schedules.

Since Sundays are always off, we suggest arriving and departing on Sunday, giving you time to arrive and rest a little before starting the course, and time to pack your bags before you leave.

Can I book just the surf lessons (without lodging etc)?

Yes, you can book just the surf course and arrange lodging and/or transfer service etc on your own. The minimum duration for the surf course at EasyDrop is 4 days, not counting arrival and departure days or Sundays (our day off).

Posso contratar somente a hospedagem (sem curso de surf)?

Please note that lodging at EasyDrop is an outsourced service, therefore we would not book packages just for lodging. What we really want is to teach you to surf or brush up your surf skills.

However, we will book loding for a travel partner who would like to travel with you, but not surf.

Will sending in a request for pricing commit me to anything?

No way!

By filling out the form, you’re providing us with the necessary information to put together a surf package offer that you’ll receive by email. Sending it in doesn’t lock you in to anything, and your information will be used exclusively to create your package.


How far in advance do I have to reserve my spot?

For low season packages (March to August) we recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance.

For courses in the middle and high season (September to February), at least 1 month in advance is recommended since demand increases, mostly due to holidays in Brazil.

Plan your arrival and take advantage of our “Early Booking” discount of 5% on the price of the surf lessons. This discount is valid year round for packages confirmed with at least 60 days notice. Get in touch with us and guarantee your fun!

What happens if I have to leave before expected?

As a rule, we apply the general conditions of our trip contract, and not reimburse the value of services booked and paid for after the start of a package. However, in these cases, we will generally credit services not received (mostly days of surf not used with at least 1 day in advance) to be used during  your next trip with EasyDrop.

We recommend getting travel insurance before the trip.


What discounts are available?

The following discounts only apply to the cost of surf lessons:

  • 3% discount for returning customers.
  • 1% discount for returning clients per friend you indicate and hire at least 4 days of surfing with EasyDrop. This discount is valid for 5 years and is cumulative with the “returning client” discount.
  • 3% Early booking discount for confirmations/payments at least 60 days before the arrival date (not cumulative with other discounts)

How to pay for the surf course?

A deposit (30%) is required to reserve your spot in the surf course. The remaining balance should be paid at least 30 days before you arrive in Itacaré.

Payments can be sent to our bank account (Banco do Brasil) or using VISA  or Mastercard credit cards via online payment link.

Which payments are refundable?

The participant can cancel the contract at any moment. All complaints should be submitted in writing.

  1. In case of cancellation before the start of the package, 70% of the total payment cost will be refunded (if it’s already been paid). Deposits of up to 30% of the price of the package will not be refunded.

  2. In case of cancellation on the start date of the package or after, no payment will be refunded.