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General setup of the surf lessons

Alongamento antes da aula de surf na praia de Itacaré

The method developed by EasyDrop is considered by many a global standard in surf instruction.

The surf instructional program is divided into steps, with specific exercises for each surf skill. The exercises are taught first on land, with only the body movements and then later on the waves, to promote the maximum efficiency and assimilation of the biomechanical movements. (More information in Our Solutions)

The surf lessons are conducted in groups of up to 14 students, with at least 1 instructor per 3 students.

Surfista remando para o outside na aula de surf

Surf lessons are conducted in groups, and students are sub-grouped by similar skill level, with at least 1 instructor guaranteed for every 3 students. 

For specific practice of surf skills, the group is subdivided according to their skill level. The topics of interest are shared with all participants. The video analysis is also done all together. That way, we incentivize students of different skill levels to learn from each other, and also promote a sense of community and good vibes, which is EasyDrop’s trademark.

This setup allows us to attend to the needs of all levels of surf, from beginners to advanced surfers.

The skills for beginners are practiced primarily on the “inside,” in the whitewater, and are organized in the following way:

  • Paddling skills
  • Sitting on the board (and staying on it!)
  • Turning while seated on the board
  • Turtle roll
  • “Emergency brake”, a bit before the drop
  • Falling safely
  • Sprint paddling to catch a wave
  • Standing up and riding a wave
  • Controlling the nose and the tail of the board while riding a wave
  • Controlled carves on broken waves
  • Sessions on evaluating the sea conditions

In the second part of the course for beginners, the student will use all the learned skills to catch unbroken waves, with the constant support and assistance of the instructors in and out of the water.

In general, the one week course will allow the student to have their first experience catching unbroken waves, but it all depends on individual performance, and sometimes more time is necessary to progress.

For students at an intermediate or advanced level, we develop individual instructional plans with the goal of systematically improving your skills through specific exercises. The support through video capture during these sessions, in this type of instruction, is the essential component.

Surfista iniciante dropando onda no outside

Beyond that, specialized instructors with many years of experience in competitions help the advanced students with suggestions and professional tips.

Surf Theory Lessons

The surf theory lessons happen from Monday to Friday at EasyDrop, generally right after the surf session lesson, and last approximately one and a half hours a day.

They consist of detailed feedback based on video analysis and theoretical content covering surf-related topics This content, and other complementary information is available in EasyDrop’s surf manual.

During the video review, an EasyDrop instructor acts as facilitator in the analysis of the film from the day, and, with the group, identifies the which skills to perfect using slow motion and playback. Watching yourself surfing is a fundamental way to assimilate the guidance from the instructors. On top of that, during each surf theory lesson, the instructor helps define new individual goals for the next day.

The theoretical topics addressed during the video review lesson are:

  • The forming of waves
  • Types of waves
  • Currents
  • Tides
  • Priority rules
  • Line up etiquette
  • Safety skills
  • Kinds of surf breaks
  • Equipment maintenance


We keep in stock polyester boards of various shapes and sizes, including longboards, fun boards, evolution and short boards. 

For your protection against the hot Bahian sun, we have long sleeve rashguards at your disposal, as well as surf hats.  Leashes with detanglers that guarantee safety and comfort while surfing.

We use Sony Full HD cameras to record images of the practical lessons for daily review in the surf theory video review lesson.

For our photo sessions, we use professional Canon (EOS70D) equipment or mobile aquatic cameras. We are ready to eternalize your best smile on that unforgettable wave that you’ll catch on photo day with our Canon EF lens, ideal for capturing sport and action images, with a focal length of 100-400mm, excellent image stabilization, and a powerful zoom.

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