Mulheres fazendo Yoga em Itacaré

Integrating yoga into the surfer's journey boosts your performance, improving your water performance and preventing injuries, besides preparing your mind for the surfing challenges.

Yoga and surf go beyond the physical activity itself, they are lifestyles. When practiced in a complementary way, yoga assists in posture, balance, improves concentration, and increases cardiorespiratory capacity.

Balancing and restoring the body, practicing yoga softens the effects of repetitive surfing movements, stimulating your weak points, loosening the joints of the hips and shoulders, decompressing the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, firming the base, toning the lower body and developing elasticity in the upper body.

Yoga works to direct energy and breathing in a positive and productive way, helping to overcome challenges, improving physical and mental endurance and increasing self-confidence in and out of the water.

Classes are taught by certified yoga instructors, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at times that do not conflict with surfing lessons. The practice is carried out outdoors amidst the beauty of the Atlantic Forest and lasts 1 hour.

Mulheres fazendo Yoga ao entardecer
Mulheres fazendo sup yoga em Itacaré

SUP Yoga provides a unique moment of connection with nature and the mind. The water brings a feeling of calm and deep relaxation during the practice. At the same time, it complements the practice of surfing by stretching, strengthening and working the body balance through yoga postures.

SUP Yoga classes last 1 hour and depend on the availability of vacancies, so it is not possible to book them in advance.