Social Responsability

Homem e mulher voluntários do projeto Messias da Vida

EasyDrop is CO2-neutral

Neutralize yourself too!

CO2 emissions produced by EasyDrop are monitored and compensated through reforestation in the Itacaré region.

Turismo CO2 Legal program

The NGO Mecenas da Vida is the creator and coordinator of the local carbon neutralization program. The NGO was created in 2005 and two years later, they developed and implemented the “Turismo CO2 Legal” program.

The project was designed to operate in a network, as a “Social Carbon Fund”, financially maintained by local companies that joined the project, in order to neutralize their CO2 emissions. The monthly contribution is calculated based on the production of waste and the consumption of electricity, natural gas and fuel.

Grupo de voluntários do projeto Messias da Vida entre árvores da Mata Atlântica

The funds raised by the program are used in a project with traditional farming families in the Itacaré-Serra Grande APA (Environmental Protection Area). Besides technical support, families also receive a “Conservation Grant”, so that they can take care of their forests and produce/plant tree seedlings in degraded areas of their properties.

The program aims to transform APA Itacaré-Serra Grande into a sustainable destination model, where all CO2 emissions are neutralized, promoting environmental conservation and socio-economic development in the region.


How to offset your CO2 emissions?

Find out how to offset your CO2 emissions.

You can also be ecologically aware in an easy way when surfing with us: offset the CO2 emitted during your trip to Itacaré through the “Turismo CO2 Legal” program of the local NGO “Mecenas da Vida”.

Through the CO2 calculator, you can offset the CO2 emissions generated by the round-trip flights of your trip. The calculator gives tourists the opportunity to exercise and adopt the practice of environmental responsibility in their travels, turning the environmental impact into positive action.

To do the calculation, simply access the website or download the app, available for Android or IoS.

Casa do Conto

transforming the community through education

EasyDrop is proud and pleased to support an important social work carried out by Itacaré residents, the Casa do Conto volunteer collective.

Conheça o projeto

Professora ensina alunos na Casa do Conto

Casa do Conto is not an NGO and does not have public funds for its maintenance and operation. Monthly expenses, such as water and electricity, and other one-off expenses such as space maintenance and small investments, are borne by local companies and friends from Itacaré, from other parts of Brazil and the world. Toys, books, and materials used by children are also the result of donations.

All volunteer work is carried out by people who chose to live in Itacaré and who somehow wish to contribute and do good for the children of Novo neighborhood, which is home to a large part of the city’s needy population.

Currently, the group has 13 fixed and some floating volunteers, who assist approximately 100 enrolled children aged 6 to 12 years who attend the Casa do Conto activities when they aren’t in the school.

Alunos estudam em grupo na Casa do Conto

Workshops are offered with activities developed by volunteers according to the skills of each child, such as a circle of reading appreciation and borrowing books, music, drawing, Jiu-jitsu, handicrafts with reused material, among others.

Since 2017, Casa do Conto has been a facilitator of the “Projeto Incluir”, which offers pedagogical support in the literacy process of children with difficulties in learning to read and write.

Children also learn in practice, in all activities, to respect their peers, respect schedules, work in groups, work individually, to use creativity, to share and organize the materials available for everyone to use, besides having great contact with books and magazines suitable for their ages.

Criança fazendo pintura na Casa do Conto

From the beginning, Casa do Conto’s main goal is to be an agent of change and help in the development of good citizens, also contributing to the pedagogical education of children.

Some of EasyDrop’s students have already participated in the activities and had the opportunity to get involved with the local community while they were here. Our students are super welcome and children love to interact with different people from all over the world.

Logotipo de Casa do Conto
Félix Martins da EasyDrop Surf Camp

Supporting sport

contributing to the new generation of surf athletes

We believe that sport can transform the lives of young surfers. For this reason, we support athletes who, with dedication, commitment, and a good dose of talent, want to make surfing as a career, which is the case of Félix Martins.

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Félix Martins da EasyDrop Surf Camp Born in Itacaré, Félix is ​​a certain presence on the podiums of the events he disputes. The athlete started surfing at the age of 10 and, with the support of EasyDrop in improving the techniques and maneuvers of surfing, started to take part in competitions at the age of 12.

Since then, his skill and determination have made Félix a differentiated and winning surfer, taking the name of Itacaré and Bahia to the highest place on the podium, standing out both for his potential and for the quality of the surf he presents.

Despite his young age, Félix has a high-level curriculum, he has already been runner-up twice in Brazil, champion in Itacare, champion in Bahia in the categories Mirim and Beginner, champion in

Beginner category of Pena Little Monster, the main base surfing competition in Brazil, among others.

Since 2013, Félix has participated in about 10 championships with the financial support of EasyDrop, which contributes to defray expenses such as travel, meals, and registration for surf events.