Itacaré Beaches

Tiririca - Heavy waves and crowds

Tiririca beach is home to the local surf scene, with consistent, short, fast, and hollow waves almost 365 days a year.

Vista da praia da Tiririca em Itacaré

To the south of Corais, you’ll find Tiririca beach, which is the most frequented surf beach in the region due to its location near the center of the city and it’s consistent waves throughout the year. It’s the main surf break of the city, with a sizeable crowd and intense local presence, so try to get there pretty early in the morning and always respect the local surfers.

The waves at Tiririca, are fast, hollow, and short, with crossed currents that pull surfers toward the rocks on both sides.

When the waves at Tiririca get to be bigger than 1.5 meters, only advanced surfers can manage to surf here.


Kind of break
Sand bottom, lefts and rights
Kind of wave
Varied, but generally heavy and hollow
Sandbanks covering rocks
40m - 100m
0,3m - 2,5m
Swell direction
All work, but best with westerly
Best wind
South or no wind
Best tide
All tides
Best season
Year round
Practically 365 days per year
Experience Level
No channels (paddling out can be complicated)
Rocks, currents, intense and aggressive crowd
High level of infrastructure on the beach (restaurants and bars). Main stage for the surf tournaments. Annoying localism.