Itacaré Beaches

Itacarezinho - Beach breaks without end

Itacarezinho has close to 10km of open beach with a variety of beach breaks that produce waves ranging from soft to tubular, depending on the conditions. There are also some reefs to explore.

Vista da praia de Itacarezinho em Itacaré, Bahia

Itacarezinho is a long and open beach south of Engenhoca. The beach access is free for pedestrians (about 20 minutes of hiking a steep trail, parts of the path are dirt and other parts are brick), but cars pay a fee that includes structured parking along the beach.

There’s a cozy restaurant with tables and lounge chairs along the beach. It has a complete bar and kitchen serving dishes inspired by Bahian cuisine with special touches of portuguese, african, asian, and french influence. They have a minimum cover per person to use the tables and the lounge chairs, but you can buy water or coconuts from the bar. It’s an excellent choice for a day of rest after surfing.

The best breaks to surf at Itacarezinho are farther south of the restaurant, but when there’s no wind, you’ll find good waves along the length of the beach.

Kind of break
Open beach
Kind of wave
From mushy to barrels, depending on the conditions
Constantly moving sandbanks
40m - 150m
0,7m - 1,5m
Swell direction
Northeasterly and westerly
Best wind
Northeasterly or weak westerly
Best tide
Best season
Close to 120 days per year
Experience Level
Rip currents
Currents and gnarly waves
Restaurants on the beach with paid access. Long beach, never crowded.