Itacaré Beaches

Jeribucaçu - a good option for the winter

Jeribucaçu is hard to access, with its long and steep trail, but it’s worth it to surf its two good and consistent waves.

Vista da praia de Jeribucaçu em Itacaré

To the south of Prainha, the next beach with good waves for surfing is “Jeribucaçu.” To get there, you need a car, because going on foot from the city would take close to 3 hours. Even with a car, it’s still 20-30 minutes of walking on a dirt trail with steep stretches. Car access is through Vila Marambaia (entrance after the police station at kilometer 6). If you go without a guide, ask for information when you get to the gate house.

There are two kinds of waves at Jeribucaçu: a short and heavy right from the right hand corner until the middle of the beach. There’s a longer left that’s also heavy from the middle of the beach that opens up before the little river in the right hand corner.

The bottom is all sand, but the rock formations underneath gives it well defined breaks, so much so that the standard wave stays the same throughout the year.

This is one of the best beach options for surfing in the winter due to the southern wind that is constant during the season, since this beach is protected from the wind. There’s an easy channel to the right close to the rocks.


Kind of break
Sand bottom, lefts and rights
Kind of wave
Predominantly hollow and tubular
Sandbanks over rocks
40m - 180m
1m – 2,5m
Swell direction
Westerly and Southerly
Best wind
Southerly or no wind
Best tide
Best season
Year round as solid swells
Close to 300 days per year
Experience Level
Safe channel on the right side
Currents and rocks
Long trail with steep stretches (very slippery with rain). Stands sell coconuts, tapiocas, and even meals with fresh fish caught on the beach. Consistent breaks.