Itacaré Beaches

Pontal - Pure Power

Vista da praia do Pontal, em Itacaré

Pontal normally offers excellent surf conditions in the winter (May to September) when the swell and the wind comes from the south, primarily for intermediate and advanced surfers.

The only inhabitants of Pontal are thousands of coconut trees and small animals. Pontal has the heavy waves breaking on the outside that turn into barrels when they get to the most shallow sand banks on the inside.

This isn’t a break for beginners, because:

  1. There aren’t channels for easy paddling out
  2. There are almost always strong currents
  3. The waves are always grinding, making getting into and out of the surf complicated/dangerous.


Kind of Break
Open Beach
Kind of wave
Barrels and heavy waves
Shallow sandbanks
50m – 120m
1m - 3m
Swell direction
South + Southeast
Best wind
Best tide
Rising tide
Best season
May to September
Close to 60 days per year
Experience Level
No channels (complicated)
Heavy waves + currents
Take a speedboat across the river (there are various options from Coroinha in front of the São Miguel Church), then walk about 50m north to get to the best breaks. There is no infrastructure on the beach, and there’s no shade!