Itacaré Beaches

Prainha - Natural beauty and strong waves

The right at Prainha is one of the most spectacular waves of the region. However, the left is consistent and can create perfect barrels.

Vista da Prainha, em Itacaré

Prainha is some 45 minutes on foot from the trailhead, which is located in the city at Ribeira beach. The beach has been named as one of the 10 best beaches in Brazil thanks to its natural beauty.

With solid swells from the Northeast (in the summer), a perfect left tube breaks in the leftmost corner. In the winter (with big waves and winds from the South), a heavy and awesome right comes from the rightmost corner towards the middle of the beach, a heavy and shallow barrel. It’s one of the most spectacular waves in the region, when it comes…

In general, the two classic waves of Prainha break only occasionally. The rest of the time, there’s generally some rights and lefts that are short and heavy breaking along the whole span of the beach, with a tendency to close out.

This break is pretty vulnerable to any onshore wind, which easily makes it “unsurfable.”


Kind of break
Sand bottom, lefts and rights
Kind of wave
Heavy – tubes
Shallow sandbanks
40m - 150m
0,5m - 2,5m
Swell direction
Westerly, but works with Northeast (northern corner)
Best wind
Offshore or weak westerly
Best tide
Best season
Year round
Close to 100 days per year
Experience Level
No channels
Rocks on the sides
Stunning beach. Long trail with some forks, hiring a licensed guide is recommended. Be careful with theft or muggings on the trail. Cabanas on the beach sell snacks and coconuts. Can get crowded when the waves are good, but generally peaceful.